Mouldable Mouth Pieces with Case

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Our thermo-forming mouthpieces fit snugly round your teeth for the ultimate teeth whitening experience. The closer the mould to the shape of your teeth, the better the results will be.


  • Mouldable Mouthpiece x 2
  • Foxy White Smile Mouthpiece Case

Moldable Mouth Pieces / Teeth Whitening Trays with Case

Foxy White Smile is dedicated to providing beauty addicts with a safe, effective and easy solution for teeth whitening. Our dental grade whitening products are manufactured in a leading global dental lab, plus we offer the best moldable mouth pieces and teeth whitening trays in Australia.

Our thermo-forming mouth pieces fit easily and snugly around your teeth for the ultimate teeth whitening experience and quality results. The closer the mold is to the shape of your teeth, the more impressive the results.

When you buy our moldable mouth guard for teeth whitening, you’ll receive:

  • 2 x mouldable mouthpiece
  • Foxy White Smile mouthpiece case

We promise that our teeth whitening trays are completely safe and effective. Our cases are also reusable and can be used post-whitening as a chic makeup, toiletries or accessories bag.

How to Mold Teeth Whitening Trays?

At-home whitening trays are one of the easiest ways to dramatically whiten your teeth, and Foxy White Smile is proud to offer the quickest method on the current market. The tray will fit snugly over your teeth and mold to them after being placed in hot water. The whitening agent is then placed inside. Detailed instructions will be provided when you buy one of our Foxy teeth whitening kits.

The trays are worn over 20 minutes, with the LED light accelerating the process. Some of our users will opt to do 3 x 20 minute sessions per day over the course of three days, while others will go for a slower process. However, we do recommend that the fastest, longest-lasting results occur when you use the trays for all 3 sessions in 1 sitting per day over three days. Results may vary depending on the condition of your teeth, personal habits and, of course, your genetics.

Want more information on our moldable mouth guard for teeth whitening? Drop us a line.