Foxy White Smile Teeth Whitening Twin Pack

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Double the contents of the regular Foxy White Smile Kit, but loads cheaper. Go halvies with a friend or that special someone or treat yourself to one and give the other as a gift.


  • Travel Case x2
  • 3 x Whitening Gel 6% H2O2 (Vegan and Kosher) x2
  • LED Accelerator Light x2
  • Mouldable Mouthpieces with Case x2
  • Teeth Shade Guide (Water Proof) x2
  • Instructions x2

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    Foxy White Smile Teeth Whitening Kit Twin Pack

    If you’re wondering where to buy teeth whitening kit products that can guarantee results, we’re excited for you to join the Foxy family. Offering fellow beauty lovers a professional teeth whitening kit that’s AfterPay-friendly as well as a 50 day money back guarantee, we actually care about your results. Two best buds paired together to make our easy, safe and effective teeth whitening a reality. To celebrate this boss friendship, we’re excited to offer you the Foxy twin pack.

    Buy Two Whitening Kits for Less

    Our Foxy twin pack might just be the ultimate BFF buy. Whether you go halvies with a friend or surprise them with the professional whitening kit of their dreams, our Foxy twin pack holds double the contents of our regular teeth whitening kit online at a lower price.

    Our twin pack includes:

    • 2 x travel cases
    • 2 x whitening kits
    • 2 x LED accelerator lights
    • 2 x mouldable mouthpieces with cases
    • 2 x waterproof teeth shade guides
    • 2 x instruction manuals

    How to Use Teeth Whitening Kit with Light?

    Before you and a friend go ahead and get Foxy, you should understand how our fabulous products actually work to achieve such incredible results. In combination with a tooth-whitening agent, the LED light used in our kits helps to speed up or accelerate the process. The light itself isn’t the reason your teeth gradually become whiter – rather, it’s a catalyst for the whitening agents to work quicker.

    Using our kits is easy and safe. However, if you have a history of severe sensitivity and gum disease, it’s best to check it out with your dentist first.

    Have more questions about buying a teeth whitening kit online? Get in touch with the Foxy fam today.